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My Brothers!

From the East to the West, from the north to the south, as mankind, we are one big family, children of  Adam and Eve, servants of God who created us from nothing, made us spouses in nature, brothers in religion and blessed us with the life. Each person is respected, venerable and special. regardless of language, color, gender or nationality,  the  dignity, property and lives of every human being are inviolable.

Dear  Believers!

Our Lord, equipped us with the ability of speech, vision and hearing, and held us responsible for the development of the earth. He subjected us to a trial, living together humanely on the same ground and under the same sky, Entrusted  the world we live in to us and entrusted us to each other.

We have such a heavy burden on our shoulders but when it cames to living together, sometimes we show significant weaknesses. Ethnic, religious, sectarian and disposition differences seen as a cause of conflict at times. The tolerance to different views and understandings, unfortunately quite often remains unfulfilled. Regretfully, we observe that  people understand each other fewer, even sometimes never.  Almost every day, we complain of replacing the mercy and compassion with hate and enmity, friendship and brotherhood with the hostility and animosity, sincerity and friendliness with the hypocrisy and pretension.

My Precious Brothers!

Within each family, there may be disputes in small or large scales. Of course it is not realistic to expect all the humanity family to show high and dry in integrity and harmony, comprising in all respects.  But, it is a fact that conflict, contention, othering, oppressing, contempt and ignoring, makes the world uninhabitable for all of us.However, ethics and guidelines of being able to live together in peace and confidence presented to mankind by our Almighty Lord Allah and our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). In our Holy Book;Had Allah willed, He would have made you one nation [united in religion], but [He intended] to test you in what He has given you.” 1 Allah states. Thus, It is reminded that diversities are parts of the test and facts of the divine power and wisdom. So, despite this, is it really hard to make the world more beautiful and livable?

Is to make honesty, justice and patience spindle for our relations, more difficult than building skyscrapers and setting up and manage companies? Is making respect, kindness, compassion and sharing dominate our lives, more burdensome than  finding out inventions beyond dreams or  exploring  the depths of space?

Is shredding the hatred, greed and revenge desires, require more effort than separating atoms into particles? Is to produce love, affection and compassion more costly and inconvenient than building mega factories and producing arms?

My Precious Brothers!

The legendary brotherhood formed by Prophet (PBUH) between Ansar and Emigrants still vivid in our memories. This brotherhood is based on love, respect, cooperation, solidarity, sharing and dedication.

Let’s inquire, how much we reflect the teachings of Prophet (PBUH) regarding brotherhood and ethics of living together, to our lives.

 “The believer is friendly and likeable (approachable)  and there is no good in the one who is not friendly nor likeable,”2  Prophet  (PBUH) says. So, are we opening our hearts to each other with love and affection without having concerns? Are we keeping firmly to the fraternal ties between us?

Messenger of God (PBUH), inform us that “even to give a smile to our brother is charity.”3 Well, How much do we fulfil this advice?  Or do we leave both ourselves and our brothers and sisters deprived of such a beauty by preceding our ambitions?

“Save anyone who took refuge in you, for the sake of God. Give to anyone who want by God. Honour the invitation of inviting you. Give good response to kindness.”4 The Messenger of Allah (PBUH), says. Well, are we lending our helping hands to those who are in difficulties for the consent of our Lord? Or are we considering each orphan and homeless as a burden disturbing our comfort and peace of mind.

My brothers!

“Do not claim yourselves to be pure; He (Allah) is most knowing of who fears Him.”5 Are we trying to compensate for our deficiencies, critisizing ourselves in accordance with this verse? Or do we ignore our mistakes and flaws, breaking hearts, overriding honors?

Are we often defeated to our anger in daily life, in our relations with family, relatives, neighbors, friends, worker fellows, in traffic, neighborhood, job, in brief; in the course of daily life ?

My Brothers!

Next week we'll enter the Three Holy Months, which is a different spiritual climate. This Thursday, Friday the night, we will realize the blessed Regaib Night. On the occasion of Ragaib Night, let's review once again our love and affection, our loyalty to our brothers and sisters. In order to live in peace and harmony,  let’s strive to make the moral virtues like respect, tolerance and justice dominate our lives. Let's treat others as we would have them treat us.

Let's not forget; The world entrusted us, so do we one  another!

1 Maide, 548.

2 Ibn Hanbal, II, 40.

3 Tirmidhi, Birr and Silas, 36.

4 Abu Dawud, Zakat, 38.

5 Najm, 5332.

Prepared by the General Directorate of Religious Services


Translated By: Sıbğetullah Korhan

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