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24.07.2015 Sermon

Venerable Brothers!

In the verse I read, our Lord Allah says: "Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely."

In the hadith sharif I read, Prophet (PBUH) said: “The destruction of the world is lighter on Allah than the killing of a Muslim.”

Dear Believers!

In the shadow of the Ramadan, while still we have the joy and climate of the Ramadan Holiday, we lived distressing events as nation. We lost many our innocent brothers in atrocious terror attacks. May Almighty God have mercy on our citizens who lost their lives in the attacks, we express our condolences to the grieving families and to our nation, our citizens, I wish the injured to get well soon.

Brothers and sisters!

We are follower of a religion  informing that to relive someone is like surviving the whole humanity. We are obliged to enliven, not to destroy. We are the people of a prophet who announced that to kill an innocent is like killing the whole humanity. All the values that we believe shows us that no earthly ambition, interest and ideology, worth more than a human being life.

Dear Believers!

The prophet of mercy (PBUH), built a exemplary fraternal societycooperating in righteousness and piety even if they had different languages, colors and cultures, breaking the chains of ignorance, bigotry and blind fanaticism.

As Muslims, we lived the fraternal legacy we inherited from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) for centuries. We come to this day, keeping alive the spirit of brotherhood in the various regions of the world. We didn’t let earthly interests and power struggles, to undermine this exemplary society inherited from Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Ethnic, political and sectarian differences are not reason of division and strife, rather they are  richness of the society. As in the history, today also we became hope for oppressed, victims and innocent people and nations.

My brothers!

We must not let our hearts, our senses of brotherhood have fatal wounds due to the deplorable incidents we encountered in recent days. We should not allow the seeds of dissent spread between brothers who shares the same feelings and taughts for centuries. The hearts feeded with passion, love, affection, intimacy, solidarity should not burn by interest, selfishness, hatred and revenge. Fires of sedition and mischief must not be fueled.

My Brothers!

Our country, sometimes affected by the great global war of sedition and mischief. Our nation who lived in solidarity for centuries, aimed to fall out with each other For centuries, we should never give the opportunity to those who want to sow the seed mischief in our beautiful country. We should always be prudent against this great and ruthless game. Today is the day to bunch up. Today, is the day to revite our brotherhood. Today is the day to share each other's tears. Today is the day to be vigilant against violence and terrorism. Today is a day of solidarity. Today is the day of unity. Our nation will overcome all this disaster by persistence, fortitude and common sense again as in the past. We know and believe that no power can disrupt our peace and solidarity as long as we unite around the lofty values that we believed throughout history. We must never forget that we can reach a more prosper and powerful future by our unity and solidarity.

My Brothers!

As human beings and a community passing through these difficult days we pray together, turning to Him in all our hearts; "Our Lord, make us of those they understand and live Islam correctly.  Make us not of killers but make us of cherishers, refreshers and enliveners. Make us helpmates for each other. Make us not among those who forget the humanity, but make us live humanely. Help our brothers and sisters who live in various parts of the World struggling to survive. Bestow patience to the parents they lost their sons and beloved ones.  Accept our prayers at the respect of this sacred time. "Ameen.


Prepared by the General Directorate of Religious Services


Translated by:

Sibgetullah Korhan - Guide Imam of Blue Mosque

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24-07-2015 13:17 - 1325 Okunma
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