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Respect to Individual and Public Rights
Respect to Individual and Public Rights

Respect to Individual and Public Rights

My Brothers!

In the verse I read our Lord Allmighty Allah says: " It is not [attributable] to any prophet that he would act unfaithfully [in regard to war booty]. And whoever betrays, [taking unlawfully], will come with what he took on the Day of Resurrection. Then will every soul be [fully] compensated for what it earned, and they will not be wronged. "

In the hadith-i sharif Prophet (PBUH) asking his companions, " “Do you know who is bankrupt?” They said, “The one without money or goods is bankrupt.” The Prophet said, “Verily, the bankrupt of my nation are those who come on the Day of Resurrection with prayers, fasting, and charity, but also with insults, slander, consuming wealth, shedding blood, and beating others. The oppressed will each be given from his good deeds. If his good deeds run out before justice is fulfilled, then their sins will be cast upon him and he will be thrown into the Hellfire.” "

Dear Believers!

The concept of rights is in the focal point of all fundamental essentials of the message of Islam. Hence, our relations with our Lord, with ourselves, with other people, with the environment and nature is closely related to the concept of rights. Rights, means our responsibilities and our possession to be observed and protected, may refer to the material or spiritual belongings. Rights, in one hand related to the human rights in the other related to  God rights.

My Brothers!

In Islam, public right has been assessed under the rights of Humanbeings, the individual rights. The realization of public interest and order of society to have a peaceful and secure life depends on the observance of these rights. All kinds of opportunities and blessings of the public, the social fields, tools and equipments, the environment and natural resources, must be used within the framework of justice, equity and merit.

My Brothers!

When we get insensitive to the religious-moral values ​, the Hereafter account forgotten, no care to halal-haram limit, the concept of rights lost its importance, in such a case the number of  those who abuse public funds arises. In such a society, nor public services can be carried out steadily nor the people can trust each other. When there is no trust in society we can not talk of peace and harmony.

However, public property is a trust. If we betray this trust, we will suffer the consequences both in this world and in the Hereafter. Mercy messenger (PBUH), warns people against this heavy blame as follows: "Let nobody take even an inch of land of others unjustly! Any person who takes even a span of land unjustly, his neck shall be encircled with it down seven earths.. " Whoso from you is appointed by us to a position of authority and he conceals from us a needle or something smaller than that, it would be misappropriation (of public funds) and will (have to) bring it on the Day of Judgment. "

My Brothers!

In the public properties, there is equal rights of all community members. Our religion, rewords the rights of others as "Human Rights" The usurpation of these rights is considered as betrayal of trust. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says in this regard: "If we appoint someone for a work and gave him a fee, then whatever he get out of this fee is betrayal to the trust (misappropriation)."

Dear Believers!

In order to be not of loosers in the hereafter, where everything will became evident as moonlight, in order to be safe of hellfire, we have to maintain our life in the Halal circle without falling into Haram (illicited). Lets consider public properties as trust, let us not forget that every loss is in the public properties contains rights of other humanbeings. And let's not forget that in the hereafter we will have no chance to ask forgiveness from millions of people.

I want to finish my sermon with a hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) in this respect:

" O people, fear Allah and seek your sustenance in a good way because no one dies until he obtains his sustenance. So fear Allah and seek your sustenance in good ways. Take that which is permitted and leave that which is forbidden. "

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Translated By: Sıbğetullah Korhan

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