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My brothers!

One day  a man came to the Prophet (pbuh), " O God's Messenger! “When is the time of the Last Hour-Doomsday?” He asked. The Prophet said: – What did you prepare for the Last Hour?The love of God and His Prophet. Replied the man.  Thereupon God's Messenger said: – You are with the ones whom you love.1

The Prophet of Mercy, was heralded by this response the believers; the ones who have hearts full of genuine love, the love of God and His Prophet and the believers who live with this love... Informing that such ones would be loved by Allah and His Messenger.

My Precious Brothers!

The master of  most beautiful prayers, Our Prophet (PBUH), once was praying like this; “O Allah, I supplicate you to grant me Your Love and the love of those who love You and the actions that would lead me to win Your Love and make my love for you dearer to me
than myself, my family, and cold refreshing water.”

The Prophet of Mercy (PBUH), counseled us to treat with love and affection towards all the creatures in this prayer.

My Brothers!

Love, is a divine blessing the Almighty God has bestowed on creatures. Our Lord who put the love into hearts of His servants, in essence is the source of all loves. He is Wadood; He is the lover and the beloved. Through this love He gives sustenance to all beings. By this unlimited love and compassion He gives us (His servants) hand and He forgives us.

The Lord of the Worlds, "is The Ever-Forgiving, The Ever-Affectionate."3 He owns unlimited bounty and grace. If he like He gives  His servants whatsoever he wants from Him. When he seek refuge in His mercy He protect him. When he asks forgiveness He forgives him. Enough servant, know how to ask Him; Enough he seek  asylum in Him. Enough he turn to Him and  open his heart to Him.

My Brothers!

The heart of the the believer always trembles with the love of God. This love, not remains only as a feeling in the heart; also reflects to attitudes and behaviors, to the words and thoughts. A believer encompasses his heart with the love of God is dressed with mercy. He is confident, sure; not concerned. His tongue is locked against bad and ugly words, but open for goodness. A believer has these qualification, is honored to be the recipient of heralds of the verse;" Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds - the Most Merciful will appoint for them affection." First his Lord loves him, then he is beloved to the creatures. Rahman Allah, guides such ones to the genuine love.

My Brothers!

What is sad that today the humanity caught up in the vortex of lovelessness. Love, like to be deprived from all the creatures, vivacious or not. The love which God and His Messenger has placed in our hearts is forgotten by a lot. The hearts that not have share of this love got frozen and became selfish. Today, many people, became looking for joy and peace in materials. As result the love which we have as a divine grace, has become to be slaughtered for lies, benefits and useless empty words. The ones have no place for love, compassion and kindness in their hearts, became dull of senses of benevolence, altruism and compassion.

My brothers!

All the humanity observe the exemplary fate of those they grown devoid of the love of God, affection, compassion and moral values nowadays. Such ones, does not stand back of harming themselves, their families, environment, society and all the humanity. The violence, terror, brutality and massacres of those they not adopted the mercy installed message of Islam, threatens the future of humanity.

My Brothers!

The only prescription of these problems is to cling firmly to the message of Islam which contains mercy, kindness, compassion and justice, To strive to be the “role model nation” which our holy religion presented to the humanity, To adopt the motto "love creatures for the sake of Creator". As believers, the source of our love is divine love. As manifestation of this, we have to love each other rashly isolated from benefit and Show,  We have to ask what we want for ourselves for our brothers too, We must not give way to those they want to destroy our brotherhood, unity, solidarity, familiarity and affection by creating the environement of  Sedition, mischief, chaos and unrest.

If we love each other with genuine affection, our world which is evacuated of love and intimacy today, will freed from this loneliness. The crimes, blood sheding and cruelties of those who are lack of the mercy climate will end that day. The wars which is caused by atrophied minds and blackened hearts will end at that time. Hostilities will leave place for brotherhood, and the compassion will replace the hatred.

My Brothers!

Let's not forget; There is no fear and sadness for those they love Allah and love each other for Allah. Such are those that will last a life in peace and harmony in the world. Those are the winners of the favour of this Hadith i Qudsi : "My love shall certainly be for those who love each other for my sake, who sit in each other's company for my sake, who go to meet each other for my sake and spend money on each other for my sake." 5


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Hazırlayan: Din Hizmetleri Genel Müdürlüğü  

Translated By: Sıbğetullah Korhan

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