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Beraat Night

Dear Believers!

In the verse I read Allmighty Allah says: Say, "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful." 1

My Brothers!

We are halfway through the three holy months that has a distinct meaning and importance for us. Step by step, we come closer to the holy climate of Ramadan. On 1. June, the Monday night, we will realize the Berat Qandil which is full of wisdom and glories. We will capture once more a unique opportunity to get rid of all kinds of sins that is heavy burden on the soul, from all mistakes that harming our hearts, from all evil caracters that veils the consent of our creator. We will realize the Berat Night which is opportunity to purify our minds, our hearts and senses, from all kinds of dirt, sins and errors.

My Brothers!

This night is a blessed  time reminding us the purpose of life while we forget it during tumult of life. Invites us to build tomorrow , to confront our past, to evaluate our present and to gain the consent of God. In this respect the Beraat Night becames penitence for our errors in the past and hope for future.

Brothers and Sisters,

Every year we celebrate Berat night, it implies that we should release from  all kinds of evil, wickedness, cruelty and injustice.

Also, it remind us that we sould be forgiver and excusing for others as God provide us opportunity to shelter in His    forgiveness .

Berat, is a time to repair broken hearts and dignities,  to demolish the walls of resentment, to get over animosity, hatred and revenge, to forgive others so that we can achieve the forgiveness of Almighty Allah.

This night; teach us how to attain our genuine freedom by getting rid of captivity of our desires, our passion, our whims and fads, our selfishness and  the sovereignty of our egos.

Brothers and Sisters,

Berat, also is the night of forgiveness. The Prophet (PBUH), inform us that tonight God manifests to the earth by His mercy, proclaiming that God calls: "Do not anyone wish to be forgiven?, I forgive him! Do not anyone want sustenance?, I gave him sustenance! Do not anybody afflicted with the plague, I gave him the appetite! "2.

It is for us to contemplate deeply in this climate,  to supplicate humbly, to ask forgivness fullheartedly,  to repent with no return. Let us all repent with renewed hope at this Qandil. From time to time, we are seized ambition, greed and selfishness; we become prefering the World to the Hereafter. Let us repent. Sometimes we withold love and compassion even from our closest family members; we neglect our spouse and our children; our relatives, orphans, the homeless, let us repent for the days we forget the needy. Let us repent because we destroyed this house; the world which entrusted to us by our Lord. Let us pray for ourselves, for our brothers in religion; to end the duality and conflict in the Islamic world; to escape the World which is wriggling in pain and misery to the realm of peace and tranquility of Islam, let us pray for peace and reconciliation. Let us pray so that the mercy and forgiveness of Almighty not be away from all of humanity.

Brothers and Sisters,

Let our repentance be our charter when we took refuge in this sacred night. We beg Our Lord handing up tonight, to freed us from the burden of sin; save us of mistakes; make us key to good, lock to the evil; to open our hearts to the faith, to open our life for good deeds and to reach us to the Ramadan. May God bless is your Beraat Night.

I want  to end my sermon with this beautiful and meaningful prayer of  the Prophet (pbuh): "My God! I seek refuge from your  wrath to your consent, from your punishment to your  forgiveness. Although I can not finish counting your praises. You are like what you self-praise. "3

Our Lord,  make us of your grateful servants who praise you properly. Ameen.


Prepared by:General Directorate of Religious Services

Translated By: Sıbğetullah Korhan

Guide Imam, Sultanahmet Blue Mosque


1 Zümer 39/53.

2 İbn Mâce, İkâmetü’s-Salavât, 191

3 Müslim, Salât, 222

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