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12.06.2015 Sermon

Dear Brothers!

In the verse I read Our Lord has said: “O mankind, there has to come to you instruction from your Lord and healing for what is in thebreasts and guidance and mercy for the believers”.

In the hadith I read, Prophet (PBUH) says: "Indeed Allah, through this Book, raises some peoples and lowers others."

My Brothers!

Endless thanks to our Lord that once again bestowed the opportunity to sip from His sea of mercy again. He brought us again to the brink of forgiveness month of Ramadan filled with the wisdom and blessing.

Next Wednesday evening we will pray first “Teraweeh” and enjoy the first “Sahur”.  On Thursday we will take our first “Fast” and have our first “Iftar”.

Dear Believers!

Ramadan comes us every year with a message loaded with deep wisdom. This blessed month, reminds us the goal of our existence, the purpose of our lives, our thoughts about our future, in short, again it reminds us our servitude. Ramadan, teaches us patience, to take account of ourselves, to limit our desires and the value of the time, indicates that there is a beginning and ending for life. Ramadan, shows the best examples of sharing , solidarity and brotherhood. The most intense sense of unity and togetherness felt in this period of time.

My Brothers!

The largest gift of Ramadan to the believers is Holy Quran which makes life meaningful and keeps alive the hopes of today and tomorrows. Qur'an is a worship book, converts the presence and absence, sadness and happiness of the believer to the worship. Quran saves from captivity of false systems, disbelief, polytheism and hipocrity and makes people free, introduced man His Lord, himself and his environment. Qur'an has come to glorify man. God has made many nations and communities mighty by His Holy Book. Many nations and communities have been humbled and lowered in which they isolated the Qur'an from their cycles of life.

Dear Believers!

Our nation has the love of Quran and gives much importance to the learning, teaching, reading and living it. From past to this day, our people showed a great effort to set the hearts up with the healing messages of the Qur'an. It has been considered one of the foremost duties, to introduce the stimulating sensus of Quran particularly to the children and young people, because of call of Prophet;  "The best of you are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it".

We pray God! To leave behind us well educated generations blessing for us! Not to miss the love of Islam and Quran from hearts of our children. "We pray. Because the prayerful generations is our present, our future, our world, our afterlives. It is responsibility of every believer to adorn their offspring with morality, virtue, integrity, virtues and honesty, to educate generations will read the “Fatiha” after their parents.

My Brothers!

The eyes need the light to see the future. We need to give our children the best education and training, we need to explain them God, the Qoran, the Prophet and the Hereafter correctly. We need to empower the love, respect, fairness, compassion, human virtues that already exists in their beautiful hearts. Let's not forget, well-trained individuals is the most important wealth for humanity, not only for society. The society can not anticipate the future if we do not educate our children as good human beings.

My Brothers!

A season of a great opportunity starting to introduce our children to the Holy Book Qur'an, the Prophet (pbuh) as role model for their life, the mosque, the mihrab and minbar... Summer Quran courses starts by June 22. With theme "Lets meet Quran in Quran month”. Our mosques will jollify with the bright of our eyes, our children. Millions of our children we will learn our Holy Book in Allah's homes, mosques. Our mosques will become more of a sense of the presence of our children.

My Brothers!

Come, Let's combine our offspring as parents with the Quran. Lets leave pleasant breezes and beautiful memories of the Qur'an in their minds and hearts.  Let us open for them the door to take them to the goodness and beauty of both worlds.

I want to finish my sermon with a prayer Our Lord taught us: "Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous."

[1]Yûnus, 10/57.

[1]Müslim, Müsafirun, 269.

[1]Buhârî, Fedâilu’l-Kur’ân, 21

[1]Furkân, 25/74.

Prepared by the General Directorate of Religious Services


Translated by:

Sıbğetullah Korhan – Guide Imam, Blue Mosque

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12-06-2015 11:11 - 1210 Okunma
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